There are many choices for Hair Piece Tape in the market and making a choice can often be confusing. Choosing the right tape for you depends of a few issues that only the hair wearer can determine.


First consider your life style and physiology. Do you sit at a desk all day or are you outside and physically active? Do you work out or perspire heavily? Is your skin oily or dry? Do you have sensitive skin or any blemishes or sores on your scalp?


Next consider your hair wearing habits. Do you like to take your system off every night or do you want to wear your hair for several days without removal?


Lastly consider the type of system you’re wearing. Is your system all lace,Choosing the Right Hair Tape Articles all PU Skin, does it have a durable tape tab perimeter or is it a thin skin perimeter or a combination of materials?


For those with an active lifestyle or those who perspire heavily or have oily skin a strong holding tape is the best for you. These Extended Wear tapes have a very strong hold and can withstand a rigorous lifestyle. If your skin is on the dry side, Extended Wear will also work but may be too aggressive and could cause slight irritation. For sensitive skin or skin that may be broken out there are tapes that actually have a medicated agent to them and while they don’t have as strong a hold as others, Foam Tapes they will allow for the skin to heal while wearing your hair.


If you want to take your system off at the end of the day a good Daily Wear tape will give you good hold during the day, be somewhat aggressive but can be easily removed and replaced daily. For a longer hold up to 5 days the strong aggressive Extended Wear is the tape for you.


Finally consider what you’re putting your tape on. If it’s lace then you definitely need a tape specifically for lace. Lace Tapes are lighter, shouldn’t melt down and should have a matt finish so as not to shine through the lace. For other constructions the choice should be based on your wearing habits. Just remember whatever tape you use, always remove the tape carefully to avoid tearing the base or pulling out hair.

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